Human-Centricity Accelerates Successful Business Transformation

New research reveals the power of a human-centric approach to drive transformation.

Our new global research commissioned from Forrester Consulting has found that human-centric companies are more likely to see results from their business transformation efforts. In fact, human-centric organizations are 10 times more likely to achieve revenue growth rates of 20% or more.   

Forrester surveyed over 300 organizational growth and transformation decision-makers across geographies and industries to uncover how firms are using human-centricity to design and assess the effectiveness of their transformation initiatives. Our maturity model provides a comparative analysis that illustrates how human-centric firms are outperforming their peers when it comes to delivering transformative growth.  

In comparison to less human-centric organizations, respondents from human-centric organizations are more likely to achieve or expect these benefits:

Barriers to meeting transformation goals for initiatives that are less human-centric:

This study offers resources for decision-makers looking to transform their organizations to be more resilient, improve their culture and satisfy all stakeholders while setting themselves up for future business success.

Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Prophet, July 2023.

Human-Centricity Accelerates Successful Business Transformation

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Our report reveals that successful transformations often require partnerships to help drive organizational change. As leaders navigate the complex landscape of business transformation, relying on the expertise of external partners becomes a vital catalyst for achieving success.