A Human-Centered Approach to Digital Transformation

The point of digital transformation is not to become more digital; it is to become a better company.

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Chan Suh, chief digital officer at Prophet, says that technology-led digital transformations often fall short of the intended impact. Instead, it should be steered by a purpose-led mission. At Prophet, we pull together our range of capabilities and expertise to help our clients transform from within. Learn more about Prophet’s approach to digital transformation in this blog.

Digital Transformation at Prophet

Prophet is a convergence accelerator and purpose-led transformation consultancy that will help you reimagine your firm, integrate and scale digital investments and drive real, defensible growth. We believe that to accelerate convergence we take your existing assets – such as data, brand, culture, business models – reimagine them for today’s customers and employees and look for new ways to integrate capabilities and talent with a reimagined sense of purpose. Then, we drive towards scale.

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