Building one modern cybersecurity brand from two storied players


When Symphony Technology Group merged McAfee Enterprise and FireEye, it wanted to create a new brand, one modern enough to address the rapidly evolving needs of cybersecurity experts. It needed to demonstrate that in an age of cloud computing and machine learning, it could fend off the increasingly malicious actors that make headlines nearly every day. And it knew this new brand had to convey the strength and history of both companies.


Prophet’s multidisciplinary teams dove into customer research with security buyers, quickly learning that these experts operate in a near-constant state of digital transformation. They wanted smart, responsive products that evolve to deal with ever-changing security threats. They wanted a partner that instills confidence in their ability to maintain and grow operations and organizations.

Prophet developed the core idea of NewCo’s brand strategy: living security – a system that learns and adapts. From this strategy, the Prophet verbal team created Trellix, a name that evokes a natural system that grows with customers.  It also reflects the powerful combined capabilities of the new company,

We then mapped out a brand expression for Trellix that telegraphs the new company’s purpose and promise. A distinctive graphic element invokes a pool of data lines, representing the artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms that are the backbone of the robust Trellix living security ecosystem.

Using a vibrant, modern color palette, the company’s new name and look convey an optimistic and positive approach to cybersecurity — a departure from the industry’s warlike and militaristic tropes. And our experience team developed a comprehensive content strategy for the new Trellix website.


Prophet developed this new identity and digital experience in just under five months, leading up to the launch and included an internal celebration event and external marketing and PR campaign. Early analyst feedback on the brand has been positive, reflecting Trellix’s strong positioning for market leadership.

Brett Hannath, Chief Marketing Officer, explained that “Prophet helped us create a differentiated brand that conveys our fresh approach to cybersecurity. In a sea of same, Trellix stands out as we create a resilient digital world enabling trust and success.”