Powering Positive Impact: A Recap of Prophet Impact Day 2022 

Reflecting on our firm’s annual volunteer day and our goal to drive positive impact in our societies. 

On Friday, July 15, over 435 Prophet employees around the globe gave back to their local communities as part of Prophet Impact Day—an annual event where our entire firm pauses and focuses on elevating the work of organizations that are making a positive impact in our societies. 

The last few years have presented significant societal, economic and environmental challenges and, of course, a global pandemic. While we have reinvented what Prophet Impact Day (previously known as P4NP) means for us as individuals and as a firm, we remain committed to taking on these challenges head-on and doing our part to amplify the work of nonprofit organizations where we live and work. In broadening the scope of this volunteer day, we have a renewed focus on addressing the causes that our employees are most passionate about: sustainability, equality and social mobility. 

This year, on our 8th annual Prophet Impact Day, we partnered with over 25 organizations and dedicated over 1400 hours to create an impact in our communities.  

Propheteers engaged in a wide array of activities this year supporting a diverse range of causes: 

  • Sorting donations and preparing meals to help underserved communities in Atlanta, Richmond, New York, Chicago and Hong Kong  
  • Remodeling temporary shelters for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Berlin
  • Getting our hands dirty in efforts to help community farms and keep parks and beaches clean in London, Singapore, Zurich and San Francisco 
  • Empowering the next generation of young leaders in Austin and Shanghai  
  • Using our business expertise to consult local nonprofits–including Florham Park Educational Fund, Charlotte Rescue Mission, Alaina’s Voice and Austin Pets Alive– to help them grow and achieve their missions.  

Whether our employees were in-person, virtual, working in groups or independently, Propheteers across the firm had flexible opportunities to support the causes they’re passionate about. Prophet Impact Day also provided a chance for our teams to connect with colleagues outside of the regular day-to-day, building new relationships and nurturing old ones.  

“It was so energizing to see the photos and hear a bit about the experiences that were shared around the globe. It’s this type of leadership, sense of understanding, empathy and excellence in our work that makes me extremely proud of our firm and what we can accomplish together.”

Michael Dunn


With our ever-growing headcount, we continue to find ways to build participation in our offices and give our teams the opportunity to make their own impact. With the world more in need than ever before, we continue to look for more ways to make a difference in our local communities through our Prophet Impact initiatives including volunteer time off, our pro-bono program and beyond. Together with our partners, we strive to build a healthier, more compassionate, more just world.