Creating Signature Stories



Stories are a hot topic in marketing because they gain attention, persuade and are easily remembered. That is particularly true in the digital world where content is king and stories draw people in.

The concept of a signature story – an intriguing, authentic, involving narrative – applies the power of stories to strategic messaging.

Communicating the organization’s brand vision, values and strategy is a way to create a connection with customers and inspire and guide employees; something that is nearly impossible to do with a set of facts. Learning to create and leverage signature stories has truly become a “must-have” management competence.

“Creating Signature Stories: Strategic Messaging That Persuades, Energizes and Inspires” is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, IndieBound, or wherever books are sold.


  • Defines a new concept, signature stories, that helps organizations introduce storytelling into strategic messaging both internally and externally.
  • Explains the power of storytelling to energize, gain visibility, persuade and inspire.
  • Explains how to find or create signature stories, evaluate their potential and leverage them over time.
  • Leverages a variety of case studies to illustrate concepts and provide examples.


Linda Boff
VP & CMO at GE

A great story for storytellers everywhere. David Aaker’s in-depth look at what makes a great story plus his powerful examples are a shining example for brands, marketers and all of us who recognize the power of signature stories to inspire, motivate, sell and drive our companies forward.”

Cheryl Burgess
CEO, Blue Focus Market

“The father of modern branding, David Aaker argues persuasively that in our hyper-growing but fragmented digital, social and content worlds, effective brand storytelling cuts through the noise, and skepticism to connect with the hearts and minds of today’s employees, consumers and customers.”

Peter Guber
Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, author of “Tell to Win”

“Aaker, the branding guru, demonstrates how to find or create signature stories that are intriguing, authentic and engaging, and how to manage them to energize your brand to persuade and inspire to action employees and customers.”


About the Author

David Aaker is the author of over one hundred articles and 18 books on marketing, business strategy, and branding that have sold over one million copies. A recognized authority on branding, he has developed concepts and methods on brand building that are used by organizations around the world.


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